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We are a group of volunteers whose mission is to protect the historic Haʻikū Stairs and its environment for current and future generations.


Friends of Haʻikū Stairs (FHS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group that was formed in 1987. FHS is governed by a board of directors and comprises members from hiking organizations, community groups, conservation organizations, and individuals who are passionate about preserving the history, ecology, cultural integrity, and recreational opportunities that exist now in Haʻikū Valley on Windward Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.


Friends of Haʻikū Stairs carries out its mission in cooperation and compliance with governmental agencies who have responsibilities related to the Stairs. Our mission is funded through memberships, donations, and the sale of products.

All proceeds go directly to our all-volunteer organization to support our mission. If you would like to consider becoming more involved in our organization, please contact us through the link on this page.

Throughout the decades, our success is attributed to the hard work of core members and volunteers. We are engineers, hikers, gardeners, mathematicians, electricians, doctors, students, botanists, photographers, and residents of Haʻikū Village neighborhood.


We are joined by volunteers and supporters who share our love for hiking and maintaining this epic experience. Initially, our organization was based on providing volunteer maintenance for the stairs. After the stairs became illegal, we were still approved for authorized workdays* in order both to keep the Stairs in good physical shape, and to preserve the natural environment. For several years now, we have not been permitted to have our authorized workdays. ​

 FHS Board Member Aaron Erickson gives volunteers and board members their work orders before a workday ascent

**Please Note: The stairs are closed and illegal to access, no matter how you access them. We do not provide information that will aid people in breaking the law**

A volunteer from the local Marine Corps Base restores the historic CCL building that has been vandalized

FHS Board Member emeritus John Goody and a volunteer use the Stairs to reach an invasive He'e plant

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A team of volunteers haul down trash left in the upper buildings and alongside the Stairs

Ha'ikū Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven