Tax-Deductible Donation (in $10 increments)

Tax-Deductible Donation (in $10 increments)


The Haiku Stairs (also known as Stairway to Heaven) is slated for destruction by the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. The Stairs are an irreplaceable historic structure much beloved by hikers around the world; the 3922 step climb up the stairs is at once arduous, awe-inspiring, jaw-droppingly beautiful, and a unique world treasure.


The Environmental Impact Statement being prepared to authorize destruction of the Stairs will conclude in mid-2018. Funds are urgently needed now to sway that process, and convince governmental officials to preserve and make public use of the Stairs.

The purpose of this fund drive is to provide the Friends of Haiku Stairs the resources to prevent that destruction of the stairs and to open the Stairs for managed use. The money will be used to fund a campaign to get our message out to the public, prepare management plans, lobby members of government, and gain government approvals and permits.

If we succeed, hikers from around the world will benefit with access to the magnificent upper reaches of the Koolau Mountains, students will benefit with access to otherwise inaccessible ecological zones, the neighborhood will benefit from hikers finally have legal and non-intrusive access to the Stairs, and all of Hawaii will benefit with the preservation of an historic treasure and a boost to the economy. 
Please help, this is our last chance; if we fail the Stairs will be gone forever. It’s now or never for the Haiku Stairs


(Please contact us if you would like to donate a different amount from that listed. Mahalo)

    Ha'ikū Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven