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The Haʻikū Stairs, also known as “Stairway to Heaven,” are an iconic landmark and historic monument that island residents have treasured for generations. They are currently at risk of demolition and our organization is doing everything we can to stop that from happening. Although the City gave a formal blessing to begin demolition in April 2024, we successfully fought and received an injunction pending our ongoing lawsuit. While the fate of the Stairs hangs in limbo, we strongly rely on support from our donors and volunteers like you.

Ongoing Litigation

In August 2021, the Honolulu City Council voted to demolish the iconic Haʻikū Stairs. We are actively pushing to block demolition on multiple fronts.

Managed Access is the Answer

Our managed access proposal goes into detail about a zero cost, zero risk alternative for the city that preserves the Stairs while addressing key concerns.

Why Save Haʻikū Stairs?

  • They are an iconic landmark and historic monument that island residents have treasured for generations

  • It is one of the safest hikes on the island:

    • Zero deaths or serious injuries as a result of a fall

    • Zero lawsuits to the City in 80 years

  • Cost of removal could exceed $10 million with permitting, mitigation and remediation​​

  • Removal could also cause:

    • Serious harm to endangered species living in critical habitats around the Stairs

    • Soil runoff harming the downstream watershed leading into Kāne‘ohe Bay

  • Public testimony and opinion polls clearly show the majority of Oʻahu residents support reopening the Stairs under managed access

  • Closing the Stairs diverts hikers to the Moanalua "back way," a dangerous route that has led to several HFD rescues

  • People will still climb the ridge even without the Stairs

    • ​The City plans to leave behind support structures which climbers will likely attach ropes to on their way to the summit, increasing safety risks and environmental harm

  • Evidence suggests there may be a secret backroom deal to transfer the Stairs to Kualoa Ranch. Don't let the City give away public property.​

What About Trespassing?

Trespassing is a serious concern. The harms it has caused to the community are real and must be addressed. However, removal of the Stairs will not end trespassing. The Stairway to Heaven is internationally renowned. Images of its panoramic vistas are widely promoted on social media. Hikers will likely still scale the ridge regardless, and they will trespass to get there. In the long run, managed access provides the best solution to eliminate trespassing. There was virtually no trespassing during the Coast Guard years when legal access was available. Trespassing only became an issue when the City & County closed the Stairs after the Coast Guard pulled out. Reopening the Stairs under managed access would allow demand to be managed responsibly and generate funding to pay for effective security. ​Read more about trespassing and other concerns in our FAQs.

* Please note: The stairs are currently closed and illegal to access, no matter how you access them. We do not provide information that will aid people in breaking the law.

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Our mission is to protect the historic Ha’ikū Stairs for current and future generations. By partnering with local grassroots stakeholders and the community, we can realize a shared vision of stewardship for Ha’ikū Valley through managed access solutions.

We need support, either through donations, signing the petition or volunteering, so the administration will not be able to hide behind backdoor politics and deals. The more voices heard, the stronger the impact. We can make a difference, together.

If you would like to save the Haʻikū Stairs, please consider donating through direct donations, membership or through the purchase of merchandise from our store. All proceeds directly support our mission to halt destruction and are tax deductible.

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