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Upper Hoist House

     A concrete block building on the main ridge (the “upper hoist house”) was the upper terminus of a cable car (see below) that was the primary means of moving men and equipment up and down the mountain. In the building one can see the rusted remains of an engine that powered a secondary (smaller) cable system used to transport materials from the upper hoist house to the CCL building (the Communications Control Link Station) at the top.


     Until the roof was removed, the upper hoist house was a welcome refuge from quickly moving showers so common on the slopes. The only roofed shelter now available is the CCL building at the very top.

     After the roof was removed the upper hoist house fell into disrepair. Graffiti and vandalism took their toll on the historic structure

The upper hoist house affords views of Kāne'ohe Bay

The rusted remains of the winch in the Upper Hoist House

Contemporary photos taken by Holly Sevier on an authorized workday

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