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Volunteer With Us

Our Friends of Haʻikū Stairs team is a network of passionate volunteers with a myriad of skills and incredible dedication to our mission. There are a few volunteer opportunities listed below that we are looking to have people join. However, if you have a skillset not currently listed that you would like to contribute, please let us know by filling out our volunteer form below! We are always happy to welcome new additions to our small (but mighty) ʻohana.



And be sure to check out our events calendar to see what we have coming up. Hope to see you at one of our events!


Tabling Events

FHS often goes to farmers markets or other community events to update our supporters on the Stairs, gather Hawaiʻi voter signatures for our petition, and raise money for our fundraiser through the sale of hats and t-shirts. We frequent locations all around the island with a focus on the Kailua & Kaneʻohe communities. Our tabling team is crucial to informing the community about the Stairs and how we plan on saving them. Come out into the community with us and experience the aloha! 

HS haiku stairs images - 9.jpg


FHS has incredible volunteers who are often very involved in their community. A great way to help is volunteering to gather petition signatures at popular local hiking spots, community areas, and local businesses. Asking businesses in your community to put up a flyer, or talking with your fellow hikers about the Stairs is all vital work. We would offer you basic training as well as a comprehensive packet of information about the Stairs and FHS' mission to save them, so you can easily engage with people in your community. If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity, fill out the form below, and we can get the materials to you ASAP!

Outside Volunteering

FHS supporters often attend volunteer events with other local organizations that focus on ʻāina restoration and other community-based work. FHS volunteers can learn more about how we can continue to help our home and its communities. If you'd like to join us in helping other incredible nonprofits in their volunteer work, be sure to check out our Events Calendar and subscribe to our volunteer email list in the form below!

HS_FHS Workday w Chris Lee.tiff

Remote Opportunities

FHS has several projects that volunteers can participate in online if they are unable to attend any in-person volunteer opportunities. We could always use help with data entry, website maintenance, and a number of other remote volunteer opportunities. Be sure to let us know if you have any other special skills you'd like to contribute in the form below!

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