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Exterior of Transmitter Building at the Naval Radio Station 1943 Following Fire, from US Coast Guard Omega Station Records

Visual Tour

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050_Close up of cable house Jan 1947.jpg

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Historical Stairs Photos


Many thanks to Dave Jessup, Ted Urquhart, and John Flanigan for the images included here


If you have a correction or addition to an image caption, please email H Sevier at Mahalo!

Dave Jessup_Haiku Ladder.jpg

The Ha'ikū Stairs were originally made of wood and were referred to as the Haiku Ladder

Wooden Haiku Ladder 3.jpg
Dave Jessup_Kaneohe circa 1949.jpg

The view of Kāne'ohe from the top of the Stairs circa 1949

HK_27 Sailors at Haiku.jpg
Wooden Haiku Ladder.jpg

Sailors on Ha'ikū Stairs circa 1949

HK_58 Wooden Haiku Ladder.jpg
Dave Jessup_Cage Ride to Upper Hoist Hou

This cable car took workers from the floor of Haʻikū Valley to the peak some 2,800 feet above. During the radio station’s operation, most workers preferred to ride the car to the upper hoist house than climb what was originally called the Haiku Ladder


Wooden handrails along the Ridgeline with Windward Community College in the background

Sailors operating on the Ha'ikū Stairs circa 1949

HK_25 Sailors at Haiku.jpg
HK_26 Sailors at Haiku.jpg
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