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Managed Access is the Answer


In April 2022, the Kāneʻohe Neighborhood Board unanimously supported a resolution calling for a halt on demolition of the historic Haʻikū Stairs and for the City & County of Honolulu to properly consider alternatives to destroying a world-famous monument in its 80th anniversary year.


We held collaborative conversations with community stakeholders and recognize the value in a collective vision for Haʻikū Valley. Here are some key points of our Managed Access proposal:

  • Managed Access would be a zero cost, zero risk proposition for the City & County.

    • All costs associated with reopening the Haʻikū Stairs, including operational management and repair, would be covered by non-government funds (e.g., private and non-profit). All liability would similarly be assumed by private entities. 

  • Managed Access would bring jobs and investment to our community.

    • A core commitment would be to hire locally and to invest in remediation projects for the valley.

  • Access to the Stairs would be curated by paid guides, drawn from Native Hawaiian experts and cultural practitioners in the community in order to ensure a safe, culturally sensitive, and environmentally sustainable experience steeped in local tradition and respect for the ʻāina.

  • 24/7 surveillance of Stairs access to end trespassing and unauthorized access once and for all.

  • Public access that bypasses residential neighborhoods and off-site parking.

  • Capacity controls and hours restrictions to further minimize disturbances.

  • Partnership with stakeholders in Haʻikū Valley and Heʻeia ahupuaʻa to realize synergies and develop a shared vision and stewardship (e.g. re: native plants, cultural and historical sites).

  • Priority and zero cost access for Native Hawaiian gatherers and other cultural practitioners.

We have a chance to create something truly special in Haʻikū Valley. The Stairs are of World Heritage caliber and could become a federal, state, and/or city and county monument that would serve as a focal point of pride, jobs and investment for Windward Oʻahu while affording responsibly managed access to the mesmerizing beauty of this place for countless generations to enjoy.

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