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Contact the Governor

ACT NOW. Tell Gov. Josh Green to uphold state law and block the demolition of the Haʻikū Stairs.


The following takes less than 2 minutes to complete:

1. Call (808) 586-0034 and urge Gov. Green to block the City's demolition of the Haʻikū Stairs



1. Open your email app/client

2. Paste these email addresses:,

3. Paste this subject: Block unlawful demolition of Haʻikū Stairs

4. Paste the following message or write your own:

Aloha Governor Green, 


I'm writing to request your urgent attention to the Haʻikū Stairs and the miscarriage of justice that is about to occur. 


The City & County of Honolulu are about to demolish the Haʻikū Stairs even though the full review process required by state law has not occurred. State law grants you the power to fix this failure of due process and stop the City from proceeding without the proper and necessary review. 


I urge you to heed the Friends of Haʻikū Stairs' request to immediately take one of the following two actions:

1. Overrule the demolition permit; or

2. Suspend the demolition permit until the Historic Review Board is able to reach quorum


Thank you for your courageous leadership in taking a stand in favor of managed access to the Haʻikū Stairs as a candidate in 2022, stating your hope that "a managed access solution can be reached—one that allows Hawaii residents to access the site in a safe manner." This is a solution the Friends of Haʻikū Stairs can offer.


I am writing now to ask that you honor your commitment and use your authority to ensure the state's carefully constructed historic preservation laws are followed as intended. 


Will you take action? 

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