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Our Mission

The Friends of Ha’ikū Stairs mission is to protect the historic Ha’ikū Stairs and the surrounding Ha’ikū Valley for current and future generations. By partnering with local grassroots stakeholders and the community, we can realize a shared vision of stewardship for Ha’ikū Valley through managed access solutions, focusing on creating and sustaining a thriving valley from mauka to makai.

Our Challenge

In 2021, the Honolulu City Council voted to demolish the iconic Haʻikū Stairs. The vote came despite an overwhelming public outcry to save them. A previously-approved, viable managed access plan addressed concerns of trespassing, erosion, rescues and the cost of posting guards. Current reports of these concerns are now being released to the public in a misleading way. The lack of transparency and disinformation from two prominent City representatives is our challenge. We need the public to hear the truth and garner support to stop the City’s initiative.

Your Support

We need enough voices heard, either through donations, signing the petition or volunteering, so the administration will not be able to hide behind backdoor politics and deals. Of the more than 5,000 solicited responses received by the administration, more than 90% were in support of a managed access plan to keep the Stairs open. Those responses were ignored. But it isn’t only about the administration, it is about getting the word out to the entire community. The more voices heard, the stronger the impact. We can make a difference, together.

Haiku Stairs
Haiku Stairs
Haiku Stairs rainbow
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