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Feena Bonoan

U.S. Senator


Response to issue of Haʻikū Stairs.

The property should be taken care of by the owners. As a general rule I am against governments owning lands, especially when access is restricted from the public.

If the land is held by the government then the state should allow public access and use to the property. There should be no right of way through someone’s private yard or blocking of the roads and driveways.

The stairs themselves exist already. It would cause more disruption and cost more money to have them removed then to just leave them and hike at your own risk. Perhaps a nonprofit organization or group of volunteers could offer to care for the maintenance and repairs of the stairs.

Personally I hope this is like years past discussions of being mindful of others and our environment and the stairs remain. It’s one hike I still have not made and I would hate to never have the chance to.

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