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[Star-Advertiser] Letter: Haiku Stairs Could Help Tourism, Environment

Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Editorial: Letters. By San Albers. June 27, 2023.

Managed access to Haiku Stairs would be a lucrative step toward restoring some of the state’s “luster” for first-time and repeat visitors (“Tourists looking for better value,” Star-Advertiser, June 18).

Iconic (like Diamond Head), historic (like Pali Lookout), and unique (like nothing else!), the stairs draws visitors looking for experience from travel, rather than a suitcase stuffed with souvenirs.

The internet has already exposed this ecotourism spot to the world, and the continued illegal access only contributes to trouble with neighbors, reckless treatment of fragile ecosystems and risky behavior.

Managed access would enable the city and its partners to allow access to the base of the stairs. Guides would be available to educate climbers about the flora, fauna, geology, water resources and history of the site.

Affordable health and wellness tourism remains an underdeveloped sector of the state’s resources. People want to take the“glow” of Hawaii home with them. Managed access to the stairs would be one element of sharing that glow while nurturing the land that creates it.

San Albers

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