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This soft and breathable t-shirt is 100% cotton, sizes S-2XL, and in several new colors. Proudly wear your support for the Haʻikū Stairs with this limited edition T-shirt. See color specifications and size chart below for more information.


Shipping is included for all US orders via USPS from Hawaiʻi. Please note that international orders will be charged a shipping fee.

Vintage Cotton FHS T-Shirt

  • The Light Blue has a powder blue quality to it while the SW Blue is a duskier, slightly darker blue.


    The Sand is a darker tan with an undertone of ash while the Natural is a lighter, almost canvas color with a few brown specks.

  • Please keep in mind: these shirts are 100% cotton; therefore, they are likely to shrink on the first wash/dry. Be sure to account for a small amount of shrinkage when choosing your size, and follow the care instructions to ensure your shirt lasts you for as long as possible! 










    Small 28 18 17 1/4 8 1/8
    Medium 29 20 19 1/4 8 3/8
    Large 30 22 21 1/4 8 5/8
    X-Large 31 24 23 1/4 8 7/8
    XX-Large 33 26 25 1/4 9 5/8


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