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Hey, what did you get the Stairs for their 80th birthday this year?

Save Haʻikū Stairs
80th Birthday Fundraiser

Donate to Save the Stairs & Celebrate 80 Years

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About the Fundraiser

Join Friends of Haʻikū Stairs in wishing the Stairway to Heaven a Happy 80th Birthday by donating to our fundraiser!

We are working overtime to Save the Stairs in their 80th Anniversary year. We are excited to have the support of Josh Green, who is the newly elected Governor of Hawai‘i and has publicly endorsed managed access for the Stairs.

Reopening the Stairs is now more possible than ever, but we need your support to continue this fight.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to help us keep the Stairs around for another 80 years!

Your contribution will support:

Expanding outreach


FHS volunteers have been at farmers markets, hiking trails, and community events sharing information and gathering Hawaiʻi voter signatures. Our petition drive has collected over 10,000 signatures and counting.  However, we must expand our public outreach to combat misinformation and rally community support. ​​


Legal defense

Our legal team is working on a multifaceted strategy to block the City’s removal efforts, recruiting experts to testify regarding threats to endangered species, assessing the impacts of soil runoff on the downstream watershed, and bolstering our historical preservation defenses. 


We are also pushing to compel completion of a new Environmental Impact Study (EIS). A new EIS would force the City to reopen debate over the future of the Stairs. 


Community initiatives


We are working with the Kāneʻohe Neighborhood Board to engage with residents of Haʻikū Valley who have been negatively affected by trespassing. Our goal is to find shared solutions for effective anti-trespassing measures that will help residents and defuse opposition to the Stairs.


Repairs & Restoration


Any residual funds will be put towards repairs and restoration to preserve the Stairs and surrounding environment​

All proceeds from merchandise purchases will also support our fundraiser & enter you into our giveaway

Anyone who donates will be automatically entered into our online giveaway for a chance to win AMAZING prizes!
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